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Read patient reviews for Dr. Wachspress and Dental Arts of Garden City.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Garden City area from their patient reviews. Dr. Jonathan Wachspress and the staff at Dental Arts of Garden City are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Wachspress.

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  • "What an awesome dentist! I had a cleaning and x-rays done here. The wait was very short and the desk staff were really nice. The doctor explained my x-rays and didn't rush at all.

    Cleaning was very thorough. The staff here definitely know what they are doing. At one point I had to reschedule my appointment and the girl did it very quickly. Got a goodie bag on my way out! Made an appointment for my mother!"
    Shmuel B.
  • "Dr. Jonathan Wachspress is amazing at what he does. His practice is up to date with technology and very good with time management. Appointments are thorough and efficient. I would absolutely recommend him to family and friends."
    Vickie C.
  • "Everybody here is super nice and comforting. They're good at their jobs. And they have 3D machine to make crowns so you only need one appointment instead of two. What I like them most is they're always on time! I hate those doctors who kept you waiting for enormous time for no reason. What's the point of having appointment then?? But this place won't. They respect you and your time. What's also very important is that they let me know how much my copay would be in advance so there's no surprises."
    Aaa C.
  • "A great dentist. Short waits always!!! Sweetest staff and VERY reasonable prices, especially considering that I had to pay out of pocket. Very happy!!!"
    Rikki K.
  • "I had the BEST experience here. All the staff was friendly and honestly concerned with my teeth. Also, their whitening procedure worked wonders! Can't wait to go again and get my teeth cleaned by Sally!!!"
    Abby T.

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